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Unconventional Travels, Cookery and Leisure


Unconventional Travels, Cookery and Leisure

It was one year ago, in the summertime. We were peering at the landscape in the search for wild plants. We remembered that when we were kids, these were drenched with oil and oregano in the salad bowl; the smell coming from it was deliciously inebriating. It was summertime, in the countryside….  Where on earth are we?! We were indulging in our childhood memory with a bitter aftertaste; the feeling was a mixture of pleasure and longing. This is how, a year ago in the little village of Bonefro, in Molise, the project “I Viaggi dell’Origano” started.  

Charles Baudelaire once wrote:

The true voyagers are only those who leave just to be leaving; hearts light, like balloons, they never turn aside from their fatality and without knowing why they always say: ‘Let’s go!’  Those whose desires have the form of the clouds…

So, let’s go then! Let’s start this journey with a light heart: slowly, but intensely.

Andiamo allora! A cuor lieve.

About us

We’re a team of young entrepreneurs keen to face new challenges with innovative tools, wanting to share the very best of Molise and the best countryside in ItalyWe’ll make the most of unexplored resources and work on dynamic collaborations.  We’ll use our expertise to create proposals, as well as promote exciting collaborations with local businesses and project partners. We’re ready.


We desire to face a business challenge with humanity and innovative instruments. We wish to bring prestige to the region of Molise.  We give value to unexplored resources; we develop partnerships that can drive strong regional growth.  We create experiential travel proposals and well-structured projects; we start virtuous synergies with local operators and project partners. We are intrepid, and we want to make a contribution.

It’s time to pack your suitcase, leaving room for dreams, emotions and hunger for fun! Are you ready to write together with us your next travel story?


Ancient crafts, the beauty and sounds of nature, the scents of traditional cooking, the gaze of the local people and a myriad of simple elements: our travel will be quiet and genuine.

I Viaggi dell’Origano offers “experiential travels”: active tours that allow participants to discover the culture and beauty of the region by taking part in its traditions and local activities. You’ll explore Molise using environmentally friendly transport, accompanied by professional guides who will ensure that your experience is unforgettable.

Cycling tourism

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Art & mind

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Food & Wine

6 tours

Rural file

7 tours

Equestrian tourism

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Sport & Trekking

5 tours

Team Building

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We’ll have the chance to live unique moments, we’ll be the protagonists of a disappearing world. We become authors and creators of unique, different, once in a lifetime experiences that have never been lived before. Activities and moments lived both physically and intimately – an immersive and personal travel, with new acquaintances and indelible emotions. An original travelling experience to look at the world through different eyes, to gain self-esteem, to better trust others and to increase the feeling of belonging to the world.


Molise is a land full of mystery, awaiting to be discovered and explored. It’s known as “the Wild West”, and some joke that it’s “the land that does not exist”.
Molise is the least-known Italian region, being a mystery for Italians and for the Molisan people themselves!
Molise is a region that lies off the beaten path – a remote, enchanting land of wolves and wild boars. There are ghost towns, and stories of pirates and thieves that have been handed down through generations. Molise today is a peaceful region, full of beauty, hospitality, and evocative echoes of the past.

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