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The Castle of Bonefro, where ancient history meets eternal elegance

The principle of an elegant life is a high thought of order and harmony, destined to transmit poetry to things. (Honoré de Balzac)


Located in the centre of the village, with an imponent tower that dominates and protects the nearby rock dwellings, the Castle of Bonefro is a splendid historical and private residence that opens its doors to the public only upon request.

In this magnificent structure, guests are received with simplicity and elegance.
The medieval castle has been superbly maintained, making it today a highly visited destination.

As a matter of fact, those who reach the village are immediately astonished by its majestic external structure and usually they don’t leave without asking to visit it. Once inside, tourists inevitably remain enchanted by so much beauty.

The castle has been subject to a redevelopment project where its antique characteristics have been left untouched: it was originally born as a fortress, to later become a baronial palace in the 14th century.

Today, it is a historical private residence with diverse areas suited for a high-quality countryside tourism in Molise.

The owners will warmly guide their guests inside the castle, where the atmosphere will bring them back in time; visitors are fascinated by the fine taste of the décor and by the precious rustic ambience highlighted by the antique furniture.

The rooms, the fireplace, the kitchen, the terrace and the enormous tower that oversees the village, finally the courtyard–everything exudes elegance and class.

Those guests who decide to explore the terrace can enjoy a breathtaking panorama that goes from the heart of the ancient village to the peripheric roads of Bonefro, from the surrounding hills to the sea.

If the sky is clear, the Tremiti islands can be seen kissing the horizon as calmness and silence embrace those lucky enough to delight in such view.
The castle–as the former convent, the antique buildings, and the fountain–is a main piece of the cultural patrimony of Bonefro.

Part of the itinerary of I Viaggi dell’Origano and considered the best within the beautiful and picturesque category, the castle is a residential gem among the castles of Molise. For those seeking to find a true and authentic taste of Bonefro, visiting the castle is a must.

In this charming village of Molise, ancient flavours, authenticity, simplicity, hospitality and smiles make a traveller’s stay a dream come true.


Castello di Bonefro
Piazza Municipio, 79, 86041 Bonefro CB

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