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News of I Viaggi dell'Origano
Trekking in Molise

Trekking life in Molise: interview with a trek guide

Have you ever wondered about trekking in Molise? You are probably familiar with the famous motto “Molise does not exsist!”. Believe it or not, it actually does, and its beautiful and...
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Guido Iannetta, the bagpipe player

Sounds of Molise: Guido and the legendary bagpipe of Scapoli

If you are a music passionate or simply want to discover local traditions and folklore, come to Molise to experience them both! In the Upper Valley of the Volturno River,...
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Molise heart of stone … full of love. Virtuous Hospitality and restoration of the regional accommodations

No. The title does not have a negative meaning, it is quite the contrary. This story begins from the stones. Stones of old housing estates, disused rural aggregates, unfortunately ruins...
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Bike Tour in Molise

Bike Tour in Molise: your unconventional cycling experience in rural Italy

Are you looking for an unconventional travel experience in Italy? Great! You can explore the Bel Paese differently on a Bike Tour in Molise! Whether alone or with friends and...
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