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Sport & Trekking

Molise is the top destination for sports and hiking enthusiasts to live in close contact with wild nature. Adrenaline and silences in the secret Italy.

Trekking in Molise
Have you ever wondered about trekking in Molise? You are probably familiar with the famous motto “Molise does not exsist!”. Believe it or not, it actually does, and its beautiful and unspoiled mountains bear witness to the undiscovered surprises hidden in even the smallest spots around you! In other words, Trekking and Molise is a winning pair!...
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Bike Tour in Molise
Are you looking for an unconventional travel experience in Italy? Great! You can explore the Bel Paese differently on a Bike Tour in Molise! Whether alone or with friends and relatives, riding a bike is one of the best choices when it comes to sustainable travels and venturing off the beaten paths. Cycling is itself...
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