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Joy in the roots. Guido and the legendary bagpipe from Scapoli.

Weather personal or collective, no tradition would be perpetuated without the enthusiasm and the joy.

This may seem like a foregone conclusion, but it’s only in the simplicity of such a theory that, customs and traditions of a past which, recklessly we have cut ties with, they can renew themselves and survive with power and truth, exactly as a protected species on a sanctuary.

Only passion and enjoyment therefore mix to form the ideal habitat in which to preserve the distinctive phenomena of our ethnic groups. If “modernity” probably for economic reasons, has imposed on us from west to east, models, stereotypes that would make us a little less different and maybe all the same, certain passions, certain cults, certain rituals, instead, subversively bring us back over the fence, away from the massification of values and emotions. This is also a form of revolution. Cool, isn’t it?

Despite the stifling heat or just sheltered from some mischievous rain, when we saw Guido Iannetta pumping for hours, for days in the bagpipes, we exactly understood exactly how this tradition and this instrument survived to this day with an amazing certain vigor. Without his and many others’JOY, all this would not have been possible. Life can be extremely cruel and the world too often…is nothing more than a land of sadness and fear. However, when Guido leaves with his faithful friend on his shoulder, everything else must wait and, whether it is a jaunty tarantella, or the solemn prayer of a novena, that music can only express joy.

Bagpiper since the age of 10, the good Guido, has approached this ancestral instrument in the artisan shops of Scapoli, a small village in the province of Isernia considered by many one of Europe’s “capitals” of bag aerophones.

Forty of the six hundred inhabitants of village still play bagpipes and shawms. It is definitely an important number, given our present times. A real oasis of pipers: there are those firmly bound to tradition, those who are projected into the future and experimentation and those who, like Guido, acts as a glue between the past, present and the future, not disdaining an escapade with different musical languages, but always with the feet firmly on the solid ground of tradition.

An active and generous musician, friendly and extrovert man, he has become over the years a point of reference and a character in the world of the bagpipe and traditional music of Molise. To it so many moments of his existence are linked. Meetings, friendships, travel, conventions and sometimes booze. However, Guido remembers and recounts with particular tenderness that in less than a month, he prepared (from scratch) his grandchildren to perform on RAI during The Zecchino d’Oro episode, where were required two small budding bagpipers.
Affection and pride. If you ask him what the bagpipe means to him, he will probably answer “an instrument that never ceases to surprise, fascinate and renew” but we have reasons to believe it’s much, much more than that.

It was to him that we wanted to dedicate these few lines. The purpose is always the same: to recount Molise and do it away from the clichés. Come and visit us. Stop in Scapoli, the last weekend in July, during the Festival and the bagpipe market-exhibition, or in any day. Ask for Guido. Hospitality and joy are still his, our… trademark.

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