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Molise heart of stone … full of love. Virtuous Hospitality and restoration of the regional accommodations

No. The title does not have a negative meaning, it is quite the contrary.

This story begins from the stones. Stones of old housing estates, disused rural aggregates, unfortunately ruins surrounded by that decadent charm that only things that were know how to exhale, but are destined to be little more than a memory and then probably not more than that.

Well, these lopsided ghosts, these irregular stone shapes, came back to life, in the noblest and most natural activity: HOSPITALITY!

All this it’s happening in Molise, not surprisingly, where depopulation, has been unceasing since World War II and it still seems unstoppable. Here the recovery for residential and tourism purposes, takes on a much deeper value and in countertrend. While many escape and the villages empty out, someone or (let’s say) something is opposing to the unpleasant goings-on with work and fantasy. – Not bad – You might say. This story starts from the stone, here we go!

In view of restoration and the consequent widespread hotel project, there are two small villages that more get themselves talked about. In the greenish Castel del Giudice, in the province of Isernia, a great part of the village, now uninhabited and in ruins, has been admirably restored thanks to the commitment of local institutions and even individual citizens of the municipality, that have converted the inhabited houses into a prestigious and sought-after accommodation in the mountains. The attentive architectural recovery has fused typical and ancient canons to absolutely modern concepts in what it is called Borgotufi, a real treat.

Equally spectacular is La Piana dei Mulini. A small medieval settlment built on the banks of the Biferno River, close to the tratturi Pescasseroli – Candela and Castel di Sangro -Lucera, on which the very existence of the area depended for centuries on beautiful water mill. Yeah, you read it right! Here, imagination and expertise have given shape to a fairytale location where dreams and wish come true. Simple elements as stone, wood and beaten iron together for one common goal: rusticity and elegance, with taste. All the room of the former buildings have maintained the original structure and they are fully aligned to the concept of recovery, innovation and tradition. You can walk through the cellars being surrounded by old tanks or ancient agricultural tools, that evoke the essence of the Molisan backountry. Also raw materials all zero kilometers are served in an intimate and relaxing atmosphere that blend in traditional recipes and dishes of magic flavor, simple ingredients and…

… Enjoy your meal!

We look forward to meeting you in our heart of stone, the idyllic Molise.

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