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Cycling tourism

Let’s hop on our bicycles and travel through wild trails! Travelling across shepherding trails, natural parks and hidden oases, up and down on our saddles we enjoy this unique adventure at our own individual peace!

Cycling tourism experience in Molise

The feeling of freedom when traveling by bike is exhilarating, even more so when we reach Molise with its silence, its calming spaces and tranquillity. Your body will find once again its natural vital rhythm, your thoughts and worries will vanish. You will feel yourself on the run, alone. You will be “in the flow”, being your own true self at the right place and at the right moment. The bicycle will therefore become the medium and connecting thread that will allow you to reflect on the diverse testimonies of history, food and wine, culture, environment and territory found in this magical land. Experiences: Bike riding on roads and dirt paths. Guide specialized in cycling tourism and bike manager EXPERIENCES: CYCLING ON ROADS AND PATHS, CYCLING TOURS.

Cycling tourism

On the paths of transhumance: a bicycle tour across the Central Apennines

5 and 7 days (very challenging itinerary)
Availability : April - June, September - November